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A few small additions can make a major difference in how your kitchen looks. For example, adding a stone backsplash and light tubes underneath the kitchen cabinets can add warmth to the room. Changing the hardware on the cabinets (handles, etc.) can also make a huge difference in the kitchen’s overall appearance. From a functional standpoint, your kitchen should be big enough for easily moving around and getting things done. Adding an island, when there is sufficient space, adds value to a kitchen while also making it more functional and often, better tailored to the needs of homeowners.

Your bathroom should embody cleanliness and create a relaxing effect. Properly working faucets are a must, and one of the key aspects checked by potential home buyers. Major bathroom renovations can prove somewhat costly, but offer an excellent return on investment. This being said, less expensive and extensive work can also have a significant effect on your bathroom’s overall appeal. Simply replacing sinks and faucets can make a major difference. If a sink, for example, is integrated to a cabinet or other piece of furniture, changing or painting the doors (if possible) can work wonders. As for bathroom counters, there are a number of possibilities: specialized paint, cement-based coating, sheeting, etc.


During the freezing winter months, there’s nothing quite like the sound, the smell, and the warmth of a fireplace. Once a necessity for survival, a fireplace is now a decorative element that can add major style (and extra heat) to a living room. A fireplace provides an instant focal point and frequently gives a space symmetry, as well as more space for displaying art and collections. 

We professionally install all types of flooring: Solid and Engineered Hardwood, Laminate, Carpet, Stone and Ceramic Tiles, Vinyl Planks and Tiles. Our team is highly experienced in all existing methods of flooring installation: Nail down, Glue down, Floating and/or Glue together. Flooring installation on stairs, walls and ceilings is also available.

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